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I'm very disappointed with CruisesOnly and will not be booking any other trips through them. I made a reservation for a cruise for December of this year and I'm not able to go.

Even though I've given plenty of notice I'm being charged a $100.00 cancellation fee for a cruise I will not go on in addition to the deposit I've already paid.

I think that is terrible customer service and even though I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told there was no point because it's policy. Because of $100.00 you will not get any future business from me and I'll be sure to let anyone know that is planning to book a trip to NOT book through CruisesOnly.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I’m not sure about you all but the $100 cancelation fee was clear in my booking paperwork and I was told about it prior to booking. However; I was also informed that I was paying for my gratuities though when I looked over my reservation / receipt it wasn’t on there.

I called and ended up paying over the phone. I wasn’t happy about that.


I agree they are not very truthful. When I booked I was told gratuities were included.

When I looked over my documents I didn’t see it. So, I called and she said she didn’t tell me that.

I know she did. Additionally, I continue to see this advertised.


I just had a similar experience with a total amount of $124.99 that I was charged when cancelling a Feb 2019 cruise with CruisesOnly. Buyer beware.

Better to book directly with the cruise line itself. I will not book with them again.

@Sara William

Can you challenge this charge with your credit card company? They usually can protect you with this type of fraud.

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